How to Hack WhatsApp Without Access Target Phone

How to Hack WhatsApp Without Access Target Phone

Are you looking for some WhatsApp hacking techniques where you don’t need to access the target phone? If yes, we can help you. WhatsApp is one of the easiest messenger apps to hack. You can easily use the WhatsApp Web feature to hack someone’s WhatsApp. But when you cannot access the target phone, the hacking process becomes complicated.

There are many online sites that promote remote hacking, i.e. without the target phone, but it is not possible. If you want to hack WhatsApp without accessing the target phone, you can only do it on the iPhone. If the target uses any other phone that iPhone, you have to access the phone at least once. In this post, we will show you how to hack WhatsApp easily without access to the phone.

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Hacking WhatsApp

Hacking WhatsApp
Hacking WhatsApp

You can hack WhatsApp for many reasons. If you want to know what someone is doing with their WhatsApp account, you can hack it. Hacking means to try to gain sector access to information. By hacking WhatsApp, you can read anyone’s private chats and messages. You can also check all the group messages and activities. You can check all the contact details.

Check profile pictures and view status updates. You can also check deleted messages. In short, by hacking WhatsApp, you can view all the WhatsApp activities of the target. You need to follow some guidelines and rules while hacking. Also, your motive behind hacking should not be harming, manipulation, troubling, or blackmailing someone. If you do this, you will face legal problems. You can only hack ethically. Only a few people are allowed to hack.

Why need WhatsApp Hacking app

If your kids are using WhatsApp, you need to keep an eye on them. We all know how vulnerable WhatsApp security is. A stranger only needs your contact number to send you a message. And if your account security is public, they can also check your status updates, profile pictures, and information about you. All your information can be easily available. Now, if someone has your kid’s number, they can be easily bullied online.

They can also befriend strangers and share their personal information with them. They can also use WhatsApp to send dirty messages. Kids tend to use such a platform to spread rumors and bully other kids. If your kids are being bullied, it can be a serious issue. You can only protect them and prevent this if you hack their WhatsApp. You can report such activities and protect your kids from spiraling downwards.

WhatsApp Hacking: Reasons

You can hack WhatsApp for different reasons. Here is a list of the reason you can hack WhatsApp for. Make sure you do it only for the reasons that are permissible.

  • Parental Control

You can hack WhatsApp to control your kids. If your kids are using WhatsApp, you need to monitor them. You cannot leave them unattended. They will never hand over their phone to you. You need to use some other option to access their WhatsApp. You can do it by hacking. When you hack their WhatsApp, you can secretly check all their activities.

This way, you can protect them from any danger and an online threat like bullies, strangers, blackmailers, bad company, etc. You can prevent any unfortunate event. Moreover, you can also monitor all their activities and guide them. You can teach them how to use WhatsAppsensibly. You can also limit their usage.

  • Build trust

Partners can hack each other’s private messenger apps to build trust with each other. If you have trust issues, you can hack your partner’s WhatsApp with their permission to build back the trust again.

  • To Spy on your partner

You can also hack your partner’s WhatsApp to spy on them. Your partner might hide things from you or might be cheating on you. If you want to find out the truth, you need to hack their WhatsApp.

  • To monitor employees

You can monitor the employees in your company by hacking their WhatsApp as a part of the company’s policy. This way, they will focus more on their work. You can supervise them easily. You can also prevent them from sharing valuable information with others.

WhatsApp Remote Hacking Scam

When you cannot access that target phone, you need to hack WhatsApp remotely. But remote hacking is only possible on the iPhone. When the target uses an iPhone, you can remotely hack their WhatsApp through the cloud panel. But if the target uses an android phone, you cannot hack their WhatsApp remotely. You need to access the target phone one time to set up the software inside it. But when you search from WhatsApp hacking ways online, many websites offer remote hacking.

Beware! These are false claims. You need to stay away from these scams. These websites offer fake techniques and claim to hack WhatsApp without accessing the target phone. If you want to learn genuine ways of hacking WhatsApp, we can help you. Follow our guide to hack WhatsApp without Access to the phone.

Steps to Hack Whatsapp using Spying Software

Steps to Hack Whatsapp using Spying Software
Steps to Hack Whatsapp using Spying Software

Remote hacking is only possible with the help of spying software. You can use any genuine spying software which is available online. Moreover, you need to choose software that can fulfill all your hacking requirements. You need to check all the features of the spying software to determine if it is trustworthy or not. Make sure the spying software contains all these features.

  • Hidden mode: You need to choose a spying software that works in hidden mode.
  • Compatibility: You need to check the compatibility of the spying software. Some software is compatible with only android phones. Some are compatible with the iPhone, and some are compatible with both.
  • Price: Also check the price of the subscription plans available with the spying software.
  • Free Trial: Check if the spying software is available for a free trial.
  • Legal Status: Choose the software which is legal. Illegal software can be fake.
  • Reviews: Read the reviews before choosing software.
  • Hacking Functions: Check all the hacking functions available with the software.
  • Live Demo: Check if there is a live demo available for learning how to use the software.
  • User-friendly: Choose a user-friendly software.

Hack WhatsApp on iPhone

Hack WhatsApp on iPhone
Hack WhatsApp on iPhone

Here, we will teach you how to hack WhatsApp remotely with the help of spying software for the iPhone. If the mark is using an iPhone, you only need to know the person’s iCloud attributes to set up the spying software. There is no need for you to access the phone. Follow the steps.

  • Step 1: Spying Software Selection

First, you need to select a spying software that is compatible with the iPhone. Make sure it is the genome and easy to use. You can try TheTruthSpy app for spying WhatsApp on iPhone at

  • Step 2: Sign up

After selecting the software, you need to sign up to create a hacking account. You have to go to the official website of the spying software. There you have to click on the signup option. You have to enter your email id along will all the other details. Once it is done, your account will be created.

  • Step 3: Setup the software in iPhone

When the target uses an iPhone, you only need to login to the cloud panel to set up the software. You need to know the target’s iCloud details. Go to the cloud panel and enter the iCloud credentials. Once it is done, wait for configuration.

  • Step 4: Log in

Once the application is set up, you just have to log in to the spying software using your spying account credentials. Use your own device to log in.

  • Step 5: Choose WhatsApp Spy

Now, go to the control panel and choose the WhatsApp Spy option to hack the target’s WhatsApp.

  • Step 6: Hack

You can go to the dashboard of your spying account and check all the WhatsApp activities of the target.

Hack WhatsApp on Android

Hack WhatsApp on Android
Hack WhatsApp on Android

If the mark is using an Android device, you will be unable to hack remotely. You need onetime access to the target phone to hack their WhatsApp. If you can access the target phone onetime, you can use this method. After the software is set up, you don’t need to touch the phone ever again. And the setup only takes 15 minutes. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Select a Spying Software

You need to select a genuine software which is compatible with an android phone. With Mobile Spy Free, the best WhatsApp hacking app.

  • Step 2: Setup the software in Android

First, you need to access the marker phone. Make sure, and you can unlock it. After that go to settings and allow download from unknown sources. Then go to Google Play and disable Play Protect. Now, go to the software’s website again and download the software on the marker device. After it is downloaded, install it. Wait for configuration and sign in to the software using your account credentials. Now, hide the software icon and delete the download and browsing history.

Download WhatsApp Hacking App

  • Step 3: Log in

Now login to your spying account using your account credentials at

Go to the control panel and choose the WhatsApp spy option.

  • Step 5: Hack

Now, you can manage all your hacking activities from the dashboard.


This is how you can hack WhatsApp without using the marker device. These are the only two genuine methods of hacking.

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