How to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp without Access Phone

How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp without Access Phone

WhatsApp has become a nightmare for parents. Most of the parents worry about their kids constantly being on WhatsApp. The daily news related to WhatsApp crimes involving kids leaves the parents worried.

There have been many incidents in recent years where WhatsApp was used as a medium to trap kids. May kids fall into depression or commit suicide because of the bullying and blackmailing.

Although it is useful, there are many disadvantages to WhatsApp. When you are using WhatsApp, you have to be really careful. You cannot talk to strangers or unknown people because they can be dangerous.

But kids don’t listen these days. They like to socialize and talk to different people in order to make new friends. This puts them under the radar of the cyber-criminals.

They track their activities and trap such kids. To stop their kids from doing anything wrong, parents need to know what they are doing on WhatsApp or who they are talking to. If they have this information, the process becomes easy.

But kids don’t share anything with their parents nor leave their phone. The parents need to find a secret way to check their WhatsApp.

If you are looking for a way to do it, we can help you. In this article, we will show you how to spy on WhatsApp. The kids will never come to know about it. We will show you how to do it without using their phone to avoid suspicion.

Spying App for WhatsApp

Spying App for WhatsApp
Spying App for WhatsApp

The best way by which you can spy on WhatsApp is by using a spying app. It is an application that is used for spying on the phone. Because WhatsApp is a phone app, you can also spy on it.

Spying apps are available with many features. One such feature is WhatsApp Spy. You can use it to get all the details about WhatsApp. You need to be very careful while choosing a spying app. Make use of the app id compatible with the child’s phone.

You also need to check all the other features of the app. Choose an app that works in a secret mode. Check if the app is legal or fake. You can check everything about the app, including price and specification online.

Once you know which app to use, you can proceed with the spying. When you cannot touch the phone, you can only spy on iPhone. In the iPhone, there is no need to use the phone. Everything is done form the website.

But for android phone, you have to use the phone compulsorily. You have to use it only one time. It is needed for installation. The process takes only 15 minutes. If you can manage that, you can spy on WhatsApp.


Here, we will show you both ways of spying.

Advantages of using a Spying App

Here is a list of all the advantages of using a spying app to spy on WhatsApp.

  • Tracking Chats: You will be able to track all the chats. When you use a spying app, you will be able to read all the group chats and personal chats on WhatsApp.
  • Tracking Media: You can also track the media files. You can check the photos and videos sent on WhatsApp. Any media that is exchanged can be seen.
  • Chat Backup: Even if the original cats are erased, you will be able to have the backup of the chat. You will have a backup of all the data.
  • Track Calls: You can track the WhatsApp voice calls and video call logs. You can see the call logs directly along with the name and number.
  • Contact Information: You can get contact information like name of the person, the number of the person along with their profile picture.
  • Time Tracking: You can track all the activities of WhatsApp with time and date stamps.

Steps to Spy on WhatsApp

Now, we will show you the steps to spy on WhatsApp. There will be a different set of steps for iPhone and Android.

Spy WhatsApp For Android

Spy WhatsApp For Android
Spy WhatsApp For Android

For android spying, you have to install the app on the phone. It is a compulsory procedure. You have to get the phone to install the app secretly. It is a one-time process.

Step 1: Spying App

You have to choose a genuine spying app that is compatible with android and legal. Make sure it contains multiple spying features.

Step 2: Download & Install

You need to download the app and install it on the phone. The link is given on the website. After download, manually install the file.


Step 3: Sign up

In this step, you have to open the app and sign up for account creation. After this process, hide the app and erase the history.

Step 4: Log in

In this step, you just have to log in to the account at and get all the details.

Step 5: WhatsApp Spy

The last step is using the WhatsApp spy option. You can now easily spy on WhatsApp secretly.

Spy WhatsApp For iPhone

Spy WhatsApp For iPhone
Spy WhatsApp For iPhone

When you are spying on WhatsApp from an iPhone, you don’t have to touch the phone. There is no installation process. You only need the cloud details to spy on WhatsApp. If you have the details, you can use a spying app.

Step 1: Select a Spying App

First, you have to select a genuine spying app. It should be compatible with the iPhone and contain many spying features. It should be a legal app.

Step 2: Creating an Account

The second step is account creation. There is a signup or register option given on the website of the application. Go to the website and use the option for account creation.

Step 3: Connection

In the third step, you have to establish a remote connection between the phone and the spying app. On the website, you need to use the Cloud option. In the box, you need to enter the user’s cloud credentials. After this, the connection will be set up.

Step 4: Log in

In the fourth step, you have to log in to the spying account.

Step 4: WhatsApp Spy

The last step is using the WhatsApp Spy option to get all the information.



This is how you can spy on WhatsApp. You don’t need the phone for spying. You can do it secretly.

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