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About MobileSpyFree

MobileSpyFree is the best spying tool as it offers a wide range of spying features. Also, it is 100% virus-free and hidden software offering full safety and privacy to the user. Users can also contact customer care when they have queries. The customer care service is there to help you, 24×7. Download this application on your smartphone device and start spying on your kid. Mobile Spy Free is compatible with all android phones.

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About Mobile Spy Free
About Mobile Spy Free

Features of MobileSpyFree

There are many more features offered by MobileSpyFree. You can read the complete list of its feature on its official website – Downloading this software is beneficial as then you can protect your kid against cybercrime and threats.

Live call recorder

Phone calls of the target phone are recorded from time to time by this software and sent to you directly. You are able to access the recording from the control panel and can keep these recordings safe with you. If someone threatens your kid, you can listen to the call recording and know what is going in their life.

Browser history spy

If you wish to see that what your kid surf on the internet, then turn on the browser history spy. The Mobile Spy Free collects the browser history of the target phone and sends it to you. You can see the URLs visited by the kid, and also you will know what contents are saved or downloaded by your kid. You can know which sites are visited mostly by your kid.

Call and contact spy

Contact list and contact history of your kid/love phone will let you know whom they talk more often. Mobile Spy Free records contact history and upload it to your account. You can see it and know who kid/love calls more often. Also, you can turn on the call recorder so that all the phone calls of your loved one’s phone can be recorded.

GPS tracker

The real-time location of your kid/love can be monitored using Mobile Spy Free. The location of the phone is tracked, and you can see a place name, time, and other details on the map. Also, you can keep the location history saved with you.

Ambient listening

This feature of Mobile Spy Free is useful when you want to listen to sounds around the phone. So, if the phone is left by the target person anywhere and you wish to know what is happening around the phone, you can turn on the ambient listening feature. It will record all the sounds around the phone and upload it to the control panel.

Messenger spy

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Snapchat, Instagram and other messengers if used by your kid/love, then you can record chats and see them from the control panel. You can also retrieve the deleted or hidden chats of the target person using this feature. Reading the chats, you will come to know a lot about your kid/love.


This is a feature that lets you record all the passwords, and patterns of the target phone. You can use this feature to record the phone password, or social media account password of the target person.

Photos/Videos spy

If you wish to see encrypted photos/videos of your kid/love’s phone then this feature will let you do it. It will record all the photos and videos of the target phone. Also, it will retrieve the deleted photos from the target phone and upload it to your control panel.

Control Panel

Where you get all the spying features, and from here, you are able to look at all the activities of the target person. Once you reach the control panel, you will be asked to enter the details of the target android phone.


Using this software, you can also monitor the activities of your employees. This will help you know if the employees in your office are loyal or are, they sharing the company’s confidential information with the other party. Overall, we can say that Mobile Spy Free is very useful software. It will not only let you spy on one phone but you can spy on two or more devices using this software.

Another best thing about Mobile Spy Free is that it runs smoothly and lets you record every detail of the target phone. Also, it does not take too much space on your phone.