How to Hack Instagram Account

Do you want to know someone’s Instagram secret? If yes, we can help you. If you want to know what someone is doing with their Instagram account, one simple solution is to hack their account. Yes, you have heard it right. We are going to teach you how to hack Instagram.

There are many ways to hack Instagram, but the easiest ways need proper tools, applications, and information about the marker. You will find many Instagram hacking ways when you search online. There are tools where you only need to enter the username, and the password will be detected. But let us warn you, those ways don’t work in real life.

If you want to hack Instagram completely, you need to use some software or get the marker’s password somehow. In this post, we will show you certain methods to hack Instagram. These methods are 100% genuine. You don’t need to worry about surveys.

Hacking Instagram

Hacking Instagram
Hacking Instagram

If you want to know what someone is doing with their Instagram account or check all their activities, you need to hack their account. By hacking Instagram, you can check all that they do on Instagram. You can read their direct messages. You can check their posts. Read all the comments and check all the likes.

You can even check the account details of the people they are following and the people they follow. In short, you will be in total control.

It is permissible to hack Instagram with good intentions. For example, parents can hack their child’s Instagram to monitor them. You can also do it fro the same purpose. When people hack social media accounts to protect their interests, it is not considered illegal.

And with all that is going around in the world day, it is important to take extreme measures to protect your loved ones even if it is done at the cost of hacking their account.

Why need Instagram Hacking app

It is very difficult to deal with teenage kids these days. If you have a teenage kid, who is addicted to Instagram, you need to hack their account. You might notice signs in your kid’s behavior. They might be in big trouble. So you try to hack their Instagram. There you can check all their messages and posts. If you notice something fishy, you need to report it immediately. Your kid might be troubled by the blackmailers who create fake ids to manipulate and prey young kids. If you don’t stop it at the right time, the consequences can be severe. This way, hacking Instagram helps you.

Instagram Hacking Reasons

You cannot hack Instagram for petty reasons like knowing your friend’s secret or manipulating someone. It is illegal. But you are allowed to do it for valid reasons. Here, we will discuss the reasons to hack Instagram.

  • For Kids

If you have kids who use Instagram, then hacking Instagram is a must for you. If your kids share everything with you, there is no problem. But there are some kids who out of rebellion defy their parents. They will never share their password with you.

The only thing you can do to protect them is by hacking their Instagram. You can hack their Instagram to check if they are using this platform for the wrong purpose. You can monitor and control them easily this way.

  • For Partners

You can also hack your partner’s Instagram to know if they are cheating on you. Most partners cheat on their spouses using the social media platform. You can check their Instagram messages and posts to know if they are having an affair.

Instagram Hacking: Survey

Instagram Hacking: Survey
Instagram Hacking: Survey

Have you taken an online survey before? You might know how lengthy and time consuming this survey process is. Many people avoid many sites that require a survey. You need to take an online survey if you want to access the sites. These sites are click baits. There is nothing productive in these sites. You will face many problems because of the survey.

  • Time waste: These surveys will only waste your time. After you complete one survey, you will be redirected to another site. There you have to take another survey. It is a never-ending process.
  • Malware: The sites which require a survey, often contain malware. Once this malware enters your system, it can crash. Your sensitive information is also at great risk.
  • Click Baits: These surveys will direct you to clickbait sites. There you will be asked to download various apps and software in order to access the site.

Instagram Hacking Methods (No Survey)

Instagram Hacking Methods (No Survey)
Instagram Hacking Methods (No Survey)

Now that you know how annoying surveys are, do you want to take one or avoid one? You will definitely want to avoid them. But unfortunately, when you search on the Internet for Instagram hacking ways, most methods displayed in search results will ask you to take the survey.

So how do you hack Instagram? Well, there are some genuine ways where you don’t have to worry about survey problems. In this post, we will show some surveys of less hacking ways.

Spying Application Method

Spying Application Method
Spying Application Method

Hacking Instagram via a spying application is the best method out there. Here, you don’t have to worry about any surveys. This method is mostly preferred for social media hacking. You don’t need any technical knowledge to use this method. Although the name sounds technical, it is quite easy to use.

But you have to be really careful while choosing a spying application. You will find many fake spying applications. You should visit the website of each application and read the terms of use, after that check the reviews to ensure that the application is genuine. If you want a free spying application for hacking Instagram, you can try Mobile Spy Free.

Once you know that the application is trustworthy, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Spying Application Selection

In the first step, you need to select a spying application. You will find many options to choose from. You should choose an application that is compatible with the targetted device. If it is not compatible, it will not work after that check the hacking functions and features. You should also check factors like a free trial, hidden mode, ease of use, etc. Once you find an ideal app, follow the next steps to use it for hacking.

  • Step 2: Sign up

After choosing a spying application, you need to visit the official website of the spying application. There you will find sign up option on the first page. Click on it to create your spying account. This account will help you in hacking. You need to enter your email id and other details. Once the account is created, follow the next step.

  • Step 3: Application Setup

This is the most important step. After the account is created, you need to set up the spying application in the marked device. There are two ways to set up the application.

iPhone: If the marker uses an iPhone, you can remotely install the spying application on their phone. You don’t have to touch the phone. You only need their iCloud credentials. After that, go to the iCloud panel and enter the details to set up the app.

Android: If the marker uses an android phone, you need to access the phone and set up the spying application physically. Make sure you can unlock the phone password. Once you get the phone to allow download from unknown sources and disable play protect. After that, go to the spying application’s website and download the app inside the marked device. Once it is downloaded, install it and sign in using your spying account credentials. Now ide the app and delete the history.

Download Instagram Hacking App

  • Step 4: Login and Hack

Now that the complicated process is done, all you need to do is log in to your spying account using your credentials. After that, go to the control panel and select the Instagram Spy option. Now you can hack the Instagram from the dashboard.

Guessing Password Method

Guessing Password Method
Guessing Password Method

It is one of the easiest methods. However, for this method, you need at least some inclination of the target’s password. Before trying any other method, always try this method. If you are lucky, you can easily hack Instagram without going through any trouble. Follow these steps.

  • Step 1: One the Instagram Login page
  • Step 2: Enter the marker’s username
  • Step 3: Types the guessed password
  • Step 4: If unsuccessful then try again
  • Step 5: If successful, Use the password and hack Instagram

Forgot password Method

Forgot password Method
Forgot password Method

You can also use the “forgot password” option to hack Instagram. All you need to do is try guessing the secret question right. Follow these steps to hack Instagram using the Forgot Password method.

  • Step 1: Open the Instagram Login page
  • Step 2: Enter the marker’s username and click on the Forgot Password option
  • Step 3: Select none of the above recovery option
  • Step 4: Enter your spare email id to receive the password reset link
  • Step 5: Answer the security questions right
  • Step 6: After answering the questions correctly, use the reset link to reset the password
  • Step 7: Hack Instagram using the password


These are some methods where you don’t need to take any survey for hacking. If you have no idea about the password, use the spying application method to hack Instagram.

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