How to Hack Viber Account

How to Hack Viber Account (No Survey)

Do you know what Viber App is? Have you ever tried hacking Viber legally? If yes, you might know how difficult it is. If you think hacking is an easy job, you are utterly wrong. The most challenging part of hacking is finding the right tools and apps to hack. Once you have the right technology, the whole hacking process becomes more effortless.

Nowadays, you will find hacking apps for each and everything. There are apps specially designed to hack phones. There are apps to hack WhatsApp and all the other social media platforms. In this era, you will find hacking apps for everything. But the main problem is choosing the right app.

Because hacking apps are quite famous and demanded in the market, several fake apps are circulating in the market. These apps are designed similarly, like original hacking apps, but they are actually fake. Beware! You need to stay away from these apps.

So if you want to hack the Viber app legally, we can help you find the right app to do it. In this post, we will show you how to hack Viber easily. You don’t have to worry about illegal, fake apps that include a survey.

Viber App

Viber is a messenger app that is used to send and receive messages. Now, you can even make voice/ video calls on Viber. Viber App is quite popular in the market. More than 200 million people use this app. If you know how to use WhatsApp, you can easily use this app. They have a similar function.

You can share media and create groups for group chatting. You can use this app for Android as well as iOS phones. This app is challenging to hack because it follows strict security rules. Not all hacking apps support Viber hacking. There are only a few newly developed apps that support Viber hacking.

Hacking Viber

Hacking Viber
Hacking Viber

You can legally hack Viber by using a spying/ hacking app. These apps are specially developed to cater to the needs of such individuals who are allowed to hack. These apps are legal and follow stick policy. In order to use these apps, you have to read and agree to the terms and conditions of using the app. You have to abide by the rules, or else you may face legal consequences.

Spying apps are developed to spy on the phone. You can install these apps inside anybody’s phone to spy on them. You can hack all the messenger apps and social media apps inside the phone. Similarly, you can use such apps to hack Viber by installing it on the phone. Before you choose the app, you need to check if it supports Viber hacking.

What can you do by Hacking Viber?

Hacking Viber becomes necessary in some cases. If you want to protect your loved ones or something of your interest, you need to hack Viber legally. It should be done to save someone, not for troubling them. Here are all the things you can do by hacking Viber.

  • Messages: You can read all the sent/ received messages on Viber. You can check the type of message as well.
  • Message Body: You can read the content of the message as well. The message body will be displayed on the dashboard of the app.
  • Media: You can even check all the media messages exchanged on Viber like images, videos, etc.
  • Date & Time: You can also check the date and time of each message.
  • Deleted Messages: All the deleted messages will also be visible to you.
  • Calls: You can even check the call logs on Viber. You can check the list of voice and video calls.
  • Contact Details: You can get contact details of the sender/receiver of messages. You can check the name, number, and profile picture.

Benefits of Viber Hacking

Viber hacking can be very beneficial if done with the right intention. There are many cyber-crimes where the Viber app was used as a medium. If you do your due diligence and hack the Viber app, you can prevent such crimes against your loved ones.

  • Phone Security

If your phone gets lost or goes missing, you cannot access Viber’s messages. If you use Viber hacking app, you can quickly check all your messages from the dashboard. You can even use other functions to get the location of the phone.

  • Family Protection

Family is an essential thing in life. Your kids can be in grave danger because of using Viber recklessly. If you don’t monitor their messages and chats, they can end up in trouble. You have to take some measures to hack their Viber to prevent any crimes and incidents.

  • Monitor Business

Managing a business can be really difficult. You need to make sure the employees are loyal and hardworking. You cannot monitor each and every employee personally. But if you hack their Viber, you can keep an eye on them. You can reach their messages to check if they are loyal or if they are spending too much time chatting on Viber.

Survey Issue

Survey Issue
Survey Issue

As we have discussed before, it is imperative to choose the right app for hacking Viber. Do you know what the problem with other apps in the market is? These apps are illegal and fake.

When you try using such an app, you will be redirected to take online surveys. In the survey, you have to answer a series of questions. It is a time-consuming process. And after you complete the survey, you will be redirected to another site. It is a chain of click baits.

Surveys can be dangerous too. The apps may contain malware or virus. You might also lose your money if you purchase any fake apps. This is the most common problem you will face while looking for a hacking or spying app.

How to Tackle Survey Issue/Choose the Right App

The survey issue can be really annoying. If you want to avoid the survey, there is only one solution. You need to choose the right hacking app. A genuine hacking app does not include a survey. Here are some characteristics of a simple hacking app. Make sure all these features are included in the app to avoid the survey problem.

  • Reputation: It should be a reputed and famous app. Don’t go for sketchy apps.
  • Reviews: Always check the reviews before you choose an app.
  • Legal: Make sure the app is legal. Check the compliance and read the terms and conditions.
  • Hidden: The app should function in a hidden way, or else it will be detected.
  • East to use: The app should be easy to use. Make sure the controls are easy.
  • Support: The app should provide a robust customer support system.
  • Price: The price of the app should be average. Not too costly, not too cheap.

Steps to Hack Viber

Steps to Hack Viber
Steps to Hack Viber

Now that you know how to choose the right app. It is time to learn the steps to Hack Viber. Here you can follow two methods, direct hacking or indirect hacking. Apart from that, there are some steps that are meant to hack iPhone while other measures are intended to hack an android phone. The details will be given below.

Hacking Viber Directly

Hacking Viber Directly
Hacking Viber Directly

Follow these steps to directly hack Viber using the Viber Spy option from Viber Spying app such as Mobile Spy Free App.

  • Step 1: Account Creation

No matter which app you use, the first step is always the same. You have to sign up from the website to create your account. All the hacked information will be uploaded to this account. The process is simple, like regular account creation.

  • Step 2: Subscription & Installation

After the first step, you need to choose a subscription plan if it is a paid app. You can select any method given on the website and make payment. After that, you have to install the app. Here the steps will differ for iPhone and Android.

Process for iPhone: You just have to enter the iCloud details of the other person to hack their phone. No need to install the app.

Process for Android: You have to download and install the app on the other person’s phone. Download the app from the website and install it. Then sign in to the account and hide the app.

Download Viber Spy For Android

  • Step 3: Login and choose Viber Spy Option

Once the installation is complete, you can directly log in to the account at from your device and choose the Viber Spy option. With this option, you can directly hack all the messages and read them on the dashboard.

Hacking Viber through Key Logger

Hacking Viber through Key Logger
Hacking Viber through Key Logger

The Key Logger function will help you to track the keystrokes made on the keyboard. It is an indirect way of hacking. As all the other keystrokes are recorded along with Viber messages, it is not feasible.

To use this method, instead of choosing the Viber Spy option, you need to select the Key Logger option from the control panel to record all the keystrokes and track messages.


So if you want to avoid a survey while hacking Viber, you can follow this guide. The steps are elementary to follow. It is also one of the easiest ways to hack Viber legally.

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