How to Hack A Mobile Phone without Any Software

Hacking, which is a criminal offence, has become a widespread activity nowadays. With the growth in technology, there are new hacking tools and devices entering the market each day.

Hacking means gaining access to something to get vital information without the permission of the owner. The most common device which is hacked is a mobile phone.

Earlier people used only to hack computers and security systems, but now the approach has changed. With the advent of the internet, mobile phones can now control anything.

People connect their phone to their Wi-Fi, to their TV, to their Laptop, to their Bank Accounts, to their E-mail, and all the other social media accounts.

So hackers go for the more accessible approach. By hacking a mobile phone, hackers can get their hands on everything connected to it.

But mobile phone hacking has a dual approach. If you think people hack mobile phones only with bad intentions, then you are wrong. In a recent survey, it came into light that most of the ordinary people hack mobile phones to protect their loved ones or for their safety.

In this article, we are not going to cover the illegal hacking part. We will cover the legal hacking part and show you how to do it.

As you know, for hacking, a tool or software is used. But it is not really necessary. Here, we will show you how to do it without any hacking software.

Ethical Hacking

Hacking a Phone
Hacking a Phone

Ethical hacking is also known as legal hacking. This type of hacking is no illegal. There are many legal tools you can use to hack someone’s phone.

In ethical hacking, you have to follow all the rules and guidelines. You have to read the terms and conditions of the tool before using it. You have to be very careful because there is a very thin line between hacking and ethical hacking.

The information which you obtain should not be used to blackmail or torture the said person. You need to keep the information private. If you fail to do it, you can face legal charges.

Reasons for Legally Hacking a Phone

Here are the reasons why you need to hack a phone legally. Most of the time, you need to avoid hacking. You should only do it during emergencies or when you have no other option.

  • Parental Control

The biggest reason to legal hack a phone is for parental control. The 21st-century kids are rebellious. You cannot control them or tame them. They fall into all sorts of trouble with their attitude.

99% of parents complain about their kids being secretive and sharing anything. With all the news regarding cyber-crimes, child pornography, cyber-bullying, kidnapping, and suicide, parents find hacking as their last resort.

They can legally hack their child’s phone only if they are under 18 years. By hacking their phone, they can monitor their kids and effectively control them.

They can stop their kids from becoming the next cybercrime victim. These reasons are enough for parents to hack their child’s phone.

  • Saving Relationships

Most of the couples go for marriage counselling or relationship therapy to save their marriage or relationship. Trust issues can spoil a relationship. Most of the therapists or marriage counsellors advise the couple to go for hacking the phone.

It is a very healthy exercise to build trust and save a marriage relationship. Couples can hack each other’s phones as a trust-building exercise. The only condition is that they need to be open about it.

  • Managing Company

Another reason to hack a phone is to manage a company. Employers or bosses can hack their employee’s or subordinate’s phone to check their productivity.

It also helps to protect the company against external and internal threats. It is the best way to maintain business secrecy. The employer needs to inform the employees about it. It should be written in the company’s policy.

Hacking a Phone without Software

Hacking a Phone without Software
Hacking a Phone without Software

Hacking software or tools helps you to hack a phone easily. Most of the people who hack phones are not professional hackers. They don’t have any knowledge about hacking protocols or techniques.

Instead, they use hacking software such as Mobile Spy Free to do it. Hacking software is easy to use and effective. To hack a phone, you need to install the hacking software inside it.

But if you don’t want to use hacking software but still want to get the information from the phone, you can use another technology.

Here we will show you how to do it without hacking software.

Spying Application: The Ultimate Solution

The ultimate solution for hacking software is a spying application. Most people confuse spying apps with hacking software. But they are two different things.

Hacking software is meant for hacking the phone completely. You have to compulsory install it on the phone.

But a spying app is meant for spying on a phone, not really hacking it. Hacking and spying are two different activities. A spying app helps you to get all the information from the phone without installation.

As the phone market is dominated by Android and iPhone, the spying process is also different. You have to follow a different process to spy on an android phone and another process to spy on iPhone.

Here we will show you how to do it for both phones.


Spying App for Hacking on iPhone

Spying App for Hacking on iPhone
Spying App for Hacking on iPhone

For the iPhone, there is no need for installation. You can get all the information from the phone without installing the application. To spy on an iPhone, you need only one crucial detail, i.e., the user’s iTunes Id and Password. If you have it, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Select a Genuine Spying App

The first thing you need to do is select a genuine spying app. It should be compatible with the iPhone and contain many spying features. It should be a legal app.

  • Step 2: Creating a Spying Account

The next step is account creation. There is a signup or register option given on the website of the application. Go to the website and use the option for account creation.

  • Step 3: Connection

In this step, you have to establish a remote connection between the phone and the spying app. On the website, you need to use the Cloud option. In the box, you need to enter the user’s iTunes credentials. After this, the connection will be set up.

  • Step 4: Log in

The last step is to log in to the spying account. You can log in and check all the data from the phone in your account.

Spying App for Hacking on Android Phone

Spying App for Hacking on Android Phone
Spying App for Hacking on Android Phone

To spy on an android phone, you have to install the app on the phone. It is a compulsory procedure. You need to make some excuse to use the person’s phone secretly. If you are successful, follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Select a Spying App

You have to choose a genuine spying app that is compatible with Android and legal. Make sure it contains multiple features.

  • Step 2: Download & Install

You need to download the app and install it on the phone. The link is given on the website. After download, manually install the file.

Phone Hacking For Android

  • Step 3: Sign up

In this step, you have to open the app and sign up for account creation. After this process, hide the app and erase the history.

  • Step 4: Log in

In the last step, you just have to log in at to the account and get all the details.


These are the steps to hack a phone and get all the data from it. You don’t need to use hacking software to do it. You can simply use a spying app and get all the data from the phone directly in your spying account.

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