Free SMS Tracker Without Access Target Phone

Free SMS Tracker Without Access Target Phone

SMS tracker is a tracking app that is used to track text messages on the phone. You will find different types of SMS tracking apps on the internet. But most of these tracking apps work only after installation. You have to install these apps inside somebody else’s phone to read their SMS. If you cannot touch the phone, then it is impossible to read the messages.

Nowadays, teenagers are very protective of their phones. They use complicated passwords, which makes it very difficult for the parents to crack it. Because of these tracking apps, which works remotely, are in huge demand. Parents need a tracking app that does not require installation.

If you want to know more about such apps, we can gladly help you. In this post, we will show you how to read SMS without the phone.

SMS Tracking

SMS Tracking
SMS Tracking

SMS tracking means reading the SMS secretly by using an app or a tool. Mostly phone tracking apps are used to track SMS. These tracking apps include many functions. SMS Tracking is one of the essential functions of such apps.

By tracking apps, you can not only read the messages secretly but also get other details. You can check the type of message along with the date & time. You can also read the message body and check the contact details. Some apps also help in reading the deleted messages.

SMS Tracking Scams

You need to beware of SMS tracking scams. There are mostly two ways to track SMS.

Third-party Sites

These are their-party websites that claim to track SMS remotely. When you search online ways of tracking SMS without the phone, these websites will search for results. These websites claim that you can track SMS without needing the phone. But these claims are false. These sites are illegal and fake. You should avoid such sites.

Spying Apps

The other way to track SMS is by using a spying app such as Mobile Spy Free. Now, the problem with the spying app is that they only support remote spying for iPhone. This means if you don’t have the phone with you, you can still track SMS on iPhone. For an android phone, you need the phone with you to install the app. It is a one-time process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Benefits of SMS Tracking

Here is a list of all the benefits of tracking SMS.

  • Self-use

You can track your own SMS in case of a lost phone or stolen phone. SMS includes essential details like bank account details, a one-time password, etc. If it is stolen, you might be at significant risk. To avoid this, you can track your own SMS to see if anybody is misusing your phone. You can also use the location tracker function to track the location of your phone.

  • Protection

SMS is widely used by teenagers to chat. Your kids can misbehave with others by sending them provocative texts or bully them. Other kids can also target them. To check their behavior and guide them, you need to track their SMS. This way, you can monitor them closely and protect them for dangers like bullying and cyber-crimes.

  • Trade Secrets

If you are running a business, you need to monitor your employees to check if they are disclosing your trade secrets to others. The most discreet way to share secrets is by using SMS. You can track their SMS to know who they are talking to and keep your trade secrets safe.

Steps to track SMS
Steps to track SMS

Steps to track SMS

If you want to track SMS by using a spying app, follow these steps. Here there are two different processes to track SMS. One approach is for the iPhone, where you don’t need the phone. The other approach is for android, where you need to use the phone one time.

For Tracking SMS on iPhone

For Tracking SMS on iPhone
For Tracking SMS on iPhone

Follow these steps, if the person who’s SMS you want to track is an iPhone user. Here, your work will be easy because the installation is not needed.

  • Step 1: Sign up

To use a spying app to track SMS, you need to sign up first. The signup option is given on the website. Use that option to create your account. All the information will be available on the account.

  • Step 2: Installation

As no installation is needed for the iPhone, you need to go to the cloud panel. There you have to enter the person’s iCloud details. Wait for configuration and connection.

  • Step 3: Log in

After the app is configured, you can log in directly from the website to track all the SMS.

  • Step 4: SMS Option

After logging into the account, go to the control panel and choose the SMS option to track all the messages remotely.

For Tracking SMS on Android Phone

For Tracking SMS on Android Phone
For Tracking SMS on Android Phone

Follow these steps to track android phone’s SMS. You need to install the app to track messages at It will take 5 minutes to get the complete setup.

  • Step 1: Download

In the first step, you have to download the app inside the android phone. Use the link given on the website to download it. Before downloading, you have to prepare the phone.

Download Text Spying App

  • Step 2: Install

Now, open the downloaded file and install it on the phone. The installation is done quickly.

  • Step 3: Signup

Open the app and click on sign up to create your account. Enter your email id once the account you create the account and log in.

  • Step 4: Configuration

After that, you have to wait for configuration. The configuration takes less than a minute. Now hide the app.

  • Step 5: Log in

After the setup, you can log in to your account at to track all the messages on the phone.

  • Step 6: SMS option

Go to the control panel and choose the SMS or Text Message option to track and read all the text messages. The messages on the phone are uploaded in your account for you to follow.


This is how you can use a spying app to track SMS. You don’t have to use the phone to read the messages when you can easily do it from your dashboard.

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