Free Key Logger

Free Key Logger

The best thing you can use for a hacking password is a Keylogger app. There are many free Keylogger apps available online. You can use any genuine Keylogger app to track passwords and hack a phone.

Most of the spying apps have Keylogger as an extra feature. A Keylogger is available as a separate app as well as a spying app feature.

In this article, we will discuss an individual Keylogger app and show you how to use it for free.

Free KeyLogger


A free Keylogger helps you to track keystrokes on the phone. The installation process is the same as a spying app.

When you install a Keylogger on the phone, it works secretly. A KeyLogger works in the background without leaving any trace.

You can use it secretly. When you use it on the phone, it works to record all the keystrokes on the phone.

So basically, whatever is being typed on the phone is recorded. You can quickly get phone passwords, lock passwords, and special media passwords by using a KeyLogger.

You can also use it to read chats and conversations.

A Keylogger is a handy app. You can use it for spying as well as hacking.


Advantages of a Free KeyLogger

Here are all the advantages of a Free KeyLogger.

  • Track Keystrokes: By using a free Keylogger, you will be able to record all the keystrokes. Whatever is typed on the keyboard will be recorded for you.
  • Track Phone Password: You can also use it to track the phone password. If the password is in a word or number format, you can easily track using a Keylogger.
  • Backup: You will be able to create a backup of all the recorded worlds on the phone. You can save the words and sentences as a backup.
  • Social Media Hacking: You can easily track social media passwords. You can use these passwords to hack social media directly.
  • Time Tracking: You can track each word and sentence by time. By using a Keylogger, you can save the records with date and time.
  • Secret Tracking: You can track all the keystrokes secretly. Nobody will know about the tracking.
  • Message Spying: You can also use it to read the messages and conversations.
  • Free: A Keylogger app is available for free. You can get all these benefits for free.

How to use a Free Keylogger

How to use a Free Keylogger
How to use a Free Keylogger

Now, we will show you how to use free Keylogger. The process and the steps are similar to a spying account.

You have a choice; you can either use a direct Keylogger app or use the Keylogger through a spying app such as MobileSpyFree App.

The process is different for Android and iPhone. We will show you the steps for both.

KeyLogger in iPhone

Here are the steps to use a free Keylogger on an iPhone. Follow all the steps.

Step 1: Sign up

The first and most important thing is signing up. This step is very important. You cannot skip these steps. The link is given on the website at You have to sign up with the Keylogger app to use it.

Step 2: Setting up

This is the setting up step. In these steps, you have to connect the iPhone with the Keylogger app remotely. There is no need to use the phone. You can do it directly from the website. First, you have to use the Cloud Panel. There you need to enter the cloud details of the phone. After that, the setup will be done.

Step 3: Log in

After setup, you have to log in to the account you created first.

Step 4: Free Keylogger

When you reach the account, use the Free Keylogger option to start tracing all the keystrokes.

For Android Phone

For using a Keylogger app on an android phone, you have to install it. Here we will show you the process.

Step 1: Download

First, you have to download the Keylogger app on the android phone.


Step 2: Install

Once the download is done, you have to install the app manually. Please open it and tap on install.

Step 3: Sign up

This is the step where you have to open the app and sign up. The signup process will be the same as the iPhone. After sign up, you have to close the app and hide it.

Step 4: Log in

Now, you have to log in to the account at to record keystrokes.

Step 5: Free KeyLogger

All you need to do id use the KeyLogger option to start recording all the keystrokes to trace passwords.


This is how you can use the free Keylogger app to get all the passwords to form a phone.