Free Android Spy

Free Android Spy

The majority of the people in the world use an Android phone. The best part about the android phone is that it supports most of the apps and software. Unlike the iPhone, you don’t have to pay for using apps or listening to music. Also, Android phones are affordable. Because of this reason, it is imperative to track android phone. There are many free apps which are specially designed for android phone.

You don’t have to buy a subscription plan or pay any charges to use these apps. You can also use apps that support both Android as well as iPhone. If you want to learn more about free android spying apps, we can guide you. Moreover, in this post, we will show you how to spy on an android phone.

About Free Android Spy

About Free Android Spy
About Free Android Spy

Out of every ten people, seven people use an android phone. In developing and underdeveloped, most people can only afford an android phone. So to spy on their phone activities, you need to use an android spying app such as TheTruthSpy – Free Android Spy. However, it is very important to spy on Android. You have to install the app on the phone to get all the information. Without installation, you cannot use the app.

Android Spying App

You will find many free android spying apps available online. Most of these apps are designed to be compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, you can not only use it to spy on the phone but the tab as well. But you have to be careful while choosing an android spying app. Most of the free apps are their-party apps, which are fake. They use counterfeit sites to promote their illegal apps.

The site is clickbait. If you download such apps, your device may catch malware or virus. Also, these apps do not help in spying. These are illegal apps that people develop to fool people. To identify a simple spying app, you need to go to the website and check the features and the reviews.

Advantages of using an Android Spying App

Here is a list of all the benefits of using an Android spying app.

  • Self

If you tend to lose your phone, you can use this app to track its location. You can also access your messages when you misplace your phone. You can check if anybody is misusing your phone.

  • Parents

If your child uses an android phone and wants to spy on it, you can use a free android spying app. With this app, you can check all their phone activities. You can check what they are doing online, who they are talking to, what pictures they are sharing. This way, you can control their phone usage, monitor their actions, and protect them from cyber-crimes.

  • Partners

If your partner is frequently traveling abroad and working late at night, you can use an android spying app to track their location. This way, you can assure them of their safety. You can also use this app to build trust in your relationship.

  • Employers

To protect your company, you need to take specific measures. Most employers track their employee’s phones to make sure they are not sharing secret information about your company. You can use the same technique to monitor their actions and protect your company from external threats. You can also monitor their performance by tracking their android phone.

How do a Free Android Spying App works?

If you want to know how an android spying app works, we can help you. It is pretty simple to understand.

First, the app needs to be installed on the phone. Before that, an account is created. The data from the phone is copied with the help of the hidden app, which is installed on the phone. This data is then sent to the spying account. The information is transferred and uploaded in the account which you can access. When you log in to your account, you can get all the uploaded data. The data is continuously updated to provide accurate and timely information.

Steps to spy on Android phone by using a Free Android Spy

Steps to spy on Android phone by using a Free Android Spy
Steps to spy on Android phone by using a Free Android Spy

Follow these steps if you want to spy on an android phone. It is a one-time process that takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 1: Preparation

First, you need to prepare for the phone. You have to get the phone and unlock it. Then enable sources and disable play protect.

Step 2: Download

After the phone is ready, you have to visit the website and download the app. However, use the downloading link given on the home page.

Download Free Android Spy App

Step 3: Install

Find the downloaded file in the download folder. Open the file and tap on install. Moreover, wait for the installation to complete. Now, wait for configuration.

Step 4: Sign up

After the app is configured, you need to open it and click on sign up. Enter your email id and other details. This way, your account will start. To spy, you have to use this account. After the account is live, sign in, and hide the app.

Step 5: Log in

Now, you just need to log in. You can log in from your own device. Visit the website and click on sign in or login option. Enter your email id and password to log in.

Step 6: Spy

After you have logged in successfully, you can explore the dashboard and the control panel. The control panel is given on the left-hand side, where you will find different functions. You can click on each process to get the details. Moreover, you can manage all these functions on the dashboard. After managing your account, you can spy on the android device for free.


So if you want to spy on an android device for free, you can use a free android spying app and follow all these steps. Instead of using their-part apps and tools, you can find a simple spying app and spy for free. These apps are easy to use and work in an invisible way.

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