How to Hack Facebook Account without Surveys

How to Hack Facebook Account without Surveys

Are you facing problems while hacking Facebook? If yes, we can help you. If you are trying to hack Facebook for the first time, you might encounter several issues.

You will face difficulty in finding trusted tools and software for hacking. Then you will meet the problem of fake apps and software. You will come across different clickbait sites. And finally, the most common problem you will face is the survey problem.

But you should not give up. The key to ease of hacking is finding the right tools and techniques. In this post, we will show you several techniques for hacking Facebook.

Hacking Facebook

Hacking Facebook
Hacking Facebook

If you want to access someone’s Facebook account secretly, you can hack their account. By hacking their Facebook, you can read all their private messages. You can also check all their activities on Facebook.Facebook is generally hacked by illegal hackers to gather data and manipulate it.

You cannot indulge in this kind of hacking. It is illegal, and you can face legal consequences because of it. But, if you are hacking Facebook to protect your loved ones or as per your company’s policy, it is allowed. You have to follow the guidelines and rules of ethical hacking. The information that you gather from hacking Facebook cannot be disclosed.

You cannot use it to manipulate others or for your advantage. Because of the complexity and debate on hacking, only a few individuals are allowed to hack ethically. Even by doing so, you have to be really careful.

Why need Facebook Hacking app

You have a teenage kid who spends most of her time on Facebook. From past few days, you are noticing strange behavior on her part. She is acting really strange and tends to look stressed out. You try to find out the truth. So you secretly hack her Facebook. There, you find out that she is being bullied by people. You need to stop this. You can take immediate action and report this incident to cyber-security. This way, by hacking Facebook ethically, you can protect your kids from online frauds and bullies.

Facebook Hacking Reasons

Here is a list of reasons you can hack Facebook for. If it is done for any other reason, it will be considered as illegal hacking.

For Safety

You can hack Facebook for safety purposes. This can be anybody’s safety, your kids, partner or your company. We will discuss about each point.

  • Kids: Facebook is a very dangerous platform for kids. Every day people report several crimes related to Facebook. You can easily create an account on Facebook. All you need is an email id. Many people take advantage of this anonymity factor and create fake accounts. These fake accounts are then used to manipulate and prey on young kids. If your kids are spending too much time on Facebook, they are in potential danger. It is your responsibility to take some action to protect them. One such measure you can use is hacking their Facebook. This way, you will be informed about everything.
  • Company: You can protect your company from potential threats like information leaks. Your employees can be involved in disclosing private information about your company to the competitors. You need the policy to control and monitor them. You can do it by hacking their social media accounts to check their conversations.

For Finding The Truth

You can also hack Facebook to find out the truth. Your kids might be lying to you and involved in all sorts of activities on Facebook. Your partner might also hide things from you.

  • Kids: By hacking your kid’s Facebook, you can check all their activities and find out the truth. You can check where they are hanging out with their friends. With whom they are talking. What other things they are hiding from you. You can check if they are bunking classes or if they are really studying at their friend’s place.
  • Partner: You can find out the truth about your partner. Your partner might be lying to you and partying with their friends. They might also lie about working late. You can check all their messages and activities to find out if they are loyal to you or having an affair.

Facebook Hacking: Survey

Facebook Hacking: Survey
Facebook Hacking: Survey

Do you know what surveys are? Online surveys are the most annoying thing on the internet. When trying to access some sites, they ask you to take surveys in order to view the site. You have to answer a long list of questions. But sometimes these surveys can be a trap. Most fake sites will ask you to take surveys in order to view it.

And when you search for Facebook hacking ideas and methods online, the fake sites will ask you to take the survey. But it gets more complicated. When you finish the survey to use the hacking tool, instead of taking you to the site, it will direct you to another site. There you have to take the survey again.

You might also come across human verification. These sites are click baits. You will only waste your time without learning anything about Facebook hacking. So you have to stay away from tolls and software which include surveys.

Facebook Hacking Methods (No Survey)

Facebook Hacking Methods (No Survey)
Facebook Hacking Methods (No Survey)

If you want to hack Facebook easily, follow these methods. These methods are genuine and do not include any survey.

Hack Facebook using Spying Software Method

Hack Facebook using Spying Software Method
Hack Facebook using Spying Software Method

The best method to hack Facebook is by using spying software. This method should be your first try because it is simple, easy, surveyless, and gives you accurate hacking results.

The success of this method depends upon the type of spying software you use. There is genuine software, and then there is fake software. Always choose a genuine software. You can do it by checking online reviews and features. Once you are satisfied with the software, follow these steps.

Step 1: Spying Software Selection

First, you have to select a spying software. Check all the features like hidden mode, compatibility with the device, legal status, hacking functions, free trail, etc.

Step 2: Sign up

In the second step, you have to sign up to create a hacking account. You have to go to the official website of the spying software. There you have to click on the signup option. You have to enter your email id along will all the other details. Once it is done, your account will be created.

Step 3: Software Setup

In the third step, you have to set up the software. The setup process is different for iPhone and android phone.

For iPhone: If the marker uses an iPhone, you just have to know their iCloud details. With this detail, you can directly sign in to the cloud panel to set up the software.

For Android: If the marker uses an android phone, you need to manually set up the software. First, you need to access the targetted device. You need to know the lock password to open the phone. After that go to settings and allow download from unknown sources. Then go to Google Play and disable Play Protect. Now, go to the software’s website again and download the software in the targetted device. After it is downloaded, install it. Wait for configuration and sig into the software using your account credentials. Now, hide the software icon and delete the download and browsing history.

Download Facebook Hacking App

Step 4: Login and hack

This is the last step. In this step, you just have to log in to the spying software using your spying account credentials—login from your device at After you have logged in, go to the control panel and choose Facebook Spy. Now, you can easily hack their Facebook and check all the details on the dashboard.

Hack Facebook using Guessing Password Method

Hack Facebook using Guessing Password Method
Hack Facebook using Guessing Password Method

In this method, you can try to hack Facebook by guessing someone’s password. If you know the email id of the marker and if you know some personal details, you can try this method. As this method doesn’t require any tools or apps, there is no survey problem. Follow these steps to use this method to hack Facebook.

  • Step 1: Open Facebook login page on your web browser
  • Step 2: Enter the marker’s email id or username
  • Step 3: Guess a password and enter it in the password box
  • Step 4: Click on sign in
  • Step 5: If it is wrong to try another password
  • Step 6: Once you crack the password, you can log in to their Facebook and check anything you want.

Hack Facebook using Forgot Password Method

Hack Facebook using Forgot Password Method
Hack Facebook using Forgot Password Method

In this method, you can use the forgot password option to hack Facebook. As this method does not require and tools, there is no survey problem. Follow these steps to use this method to hack Facebook.

  • Step 1: Go to the Facebook Login page
  • Step 2: Enter the username and click on Forgot Password option
  • Step 3: Choose the option where you cannot access the email id as well as the phone number for recovery
  • Step 4: Enter you alternate email id
  • Step 5: Answer the security questions
  • Step 6: If you know the right answers, you will get a reset password link on your email id.
  • Step 7: Use this link to set a new password and hack Facebook


These are some methods where you don’t need any survey. You can use any of these methods to hack Facebook. First, try the password guessing method. If it does not work, try using spying software.

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